About Us

We are a community of financial and non-financial capital providers that aims to deploy capital more strategically to achieve greater social and environmental impact. We support our members by improving their management practices and their investment models. To achieve this, we work on the following two pillars:

  • Connections that lead to more collaboration, best practices, and potential co-investments.
  • Knowledge of effective, innovative schemes to manage, measure, and finance social and environmental initiatives.


This toolkit is based on the Innovative Finance Guide produced by Scaling Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh (SIE-B), Roots of Impact, LightCastle Partners and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. We also want to thank Mateo Hernandez for his guiadance, as well as João Paulo Pacifico, Daniel Uribe, and Sebastian Welisiejko for their insights.

Director: Alan Wagenberg

Research: Danielle Alejandra Garcia

Collaboration: Greta Salvi